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The next market will be on 5 October 2014.


Black Head Bazaar is known as the best market in the Manning. It is held on the first Sunday each month from September to May in beautiful Wylie Breckenridge Park at Black Head. There is a wide variety of stalls selling a wide variety of wares: fresh farm picked fruit and vegetables, handmade clothing and jewellery, cakes, biscuits, slices,  great food, BBQ  and fantastic coffee. The market opens at 8am and finishes 1pm. When the park is wet the Bazaar is cancelled – please listen to ABC local radio for information. The Bazaar is organised by Hallidays Point Landcare Group Inc to raise money for community environmental and beautification projects. Not-for-profit groups do not pay a stall fee. Stallholders must read and follow all requirements in the Black Head Bazaar Policy, which can be viewed or downloaded here. You may not set up unless you agree to follow all directions given by the organisers of the Bazaar.

Stallholder information is available as a message on 0468 312 452. No return calls are made until one week before the Bazaar. Stallholders must have a copy of a current market stall public liability Insurance policy before they will be allowed to set up.



 About the Bazaar The first Bazaar was held on Easter Sunday 1990 in the park at Black Head Lagoon. There were eight stalls and a total profit of thirty dollars. As it slowly grew the market moved to the eastern end of Wylie Breckenridge Park. It was a very relaxed local affair organised by Jeny Wallace. In 1996 Hallidays Point Tidy Towns Group took over organisation duties to raise funds for community projects. Over the years the bazaar has grown into a big local event, especially over Christmas holidays when visitors abound and stall numbers reach 130. The money raised and spent on environmental and beautification projects is apparent in all of the reserves and parks in Hallidays Point. The Tidy Towns group won numerous awards for their work in the community. In 2010 Hallidays Point Tidy Towns amalgamated with Hallidays Point Landcare Group. The former Tidy Towns committee thank all the stall holders and helpers over the years – there have been many.